Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Whack the GOOG!!!

ok everyone get your mind out of the gutter. that is not the name of my winky. google whacking is a fun pastime for people who are supposedly busy but actually have free time on their hands (*ahem*! college students, slackers, "creative people" haha jk). for those of you who actually have to work to make rent, support babies, pay mortgages, etc you are off the hook and can stop reading if you choose. There's an official website ( that will walk you through the rules, but basically they are:
  1. you need to find a 2 word search that yields only one result from google
  2. both words must be defined by the google dictionary. the little blue bar above the search results will show the search phrase- both words must be in blue and underlined (meaning there's a link to the word's definition). if it ain't defined it don't count, so "makhai khalem!!!" (for all of you who have seen father of the bride), even if it yields only one result, won't count.
  3. the single result cannot be a web page that is simply a word list (like those long list of obscure words that scrabble players use)
they have a validator on the googlewhack website, so when you get a google whack, you can go enter it on their site and if it passes all the rules you can leave a comment and your name to be immortalized in the goog annals (again get your mind out of the gutter).

the hard part is finding obscure defined words that are not listed in the various web pages that recognizes as a wordlist. one way to find such words is to look at recent whacks. likely they'll be made up of at least one such word.

so generally whacking the goog is hard (er, difficult). two and a half hours of nonstop whacking yielded "eponymous aquafarmer" and "fugliest charybdis". i'm sure many of you who score higher than 650 on the verbal sat, or those of you who actually read more than us magazine will be able to whack the goog much more quickly.

whack away!

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