Friday, January 13, 2006

Top pet peeves about L.A. "friends"

Moved back to SoCal in 02. Noticed a few things that are starting to bug about some people down here (not all...many are very nice and are very good friends).

1) hedging invitations. if someone invites you to do something, don't put off replying for four days just in case something more interesting comes along. if you are a true friend hopefully you actually want to invest your time in a friendship. if you are not, then people will get the hint after a few successive no's. but nobody likes to be someone's backup friend. lots of that down here for some reason.

2) double and triple booking. there are definitely people who always have something to go to before or after you're scheduled to grab a bite with them. if you make dinner plans, plan on spending the evening hanging out. otherwise you're spending too much time checking your watch. again- RUDE.

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