Friday, March 24, 2006

Bad boys and ex wives

OK I never really gave this much thought previously (being a guy and all), but lately I've been hearing a lot of talk about how women perceive guys. I guess a lot of ladies like to date cool, irresponsible bad-boy types for boyfriends, and then when they are ready to settle down they go for husband types, who are not so "exciting", not always the best looking, but very responsible and have actual careers. none of this "i'm a screenwriter, but i've never been paid to write scripts so i wait tables on the know, to make ends meet." yep- i bet you'll be "makin' ends meet" till you're old and wrinkled pal (ok my secret is revealed, now you all know which camp i identify with as if that were ever in doubt haha).

so i won't go on some tirade about how i'm not into shallow girls who perpetuate this whole pattern of behavior and make life for us nerdy guys even more miserable than it would have to be until we turn 30. because for a lot of women, the tables get turned later in life. because the inverse (REverse? some math guy help me out here) of [boyfriend type > husband type] is [first wife type > second wife type]. always funny how second wife type is often the same age as first wife type when first wife first got married.

of course those of you who know me know that i was fortunate enough to skip all of this, b/c pat stuck w/ me when i was young (but never cool...poor pat) and through all the years that i got older and even more bad looking (because unlike paul lu, i can't admit i'm a pretty good looking guy!!! hahah! see favorite quotes). since she skipped the whole [boyfriend type] phase, it's only fair that i stick to the [first wife] phase even after midlife (maybe i'll just go buy a sports car instead when i get to that point).

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