Tuesday, March 28, 2006

favorite l.a. restaurants.

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Pat and i eat out a lot these days, because l.a. has lots of excellent places to eat. These are our favorites. They are not necessarily places everyone else raves about, and some of them when you go don't seem super special in any way. But the two things they have in common are that 1) we have favorite dishes that we order at each, and 2) we go back to them as much as possible whenever we're in the general vicinity- i guess places we vote for with our feet are the real winners, even if they are not always the toast of the town's critics and gourmands. On that note, i must tell everyone to stop going to all the places i like, because i really don't like waiting in line. haha. Thanks to all the friends and family who introduced us to many of these fine establishments.

mayflower (chinatown). house special lobster or crab

(hollywood blvd near 101 junction). excellent thai food.

triumphal palace
(main st, between atlantic & garfield, alhambra). excellent dim sum.

(santa monica blvd, santa monica). very good. pricey though.

(vine & melrose). excellent peruvian.

zankou chicken
(several locations in l.a.).

thai nakorn
(garden grove). thai.

fu rai bo
(on sawtelle, also another one in gardena). get their house special chicken wings.

(koreatown). all you can eat for like $15 a head.

lee's garden
(atlantic and valley, in the del taco shopping center). taiwanese. excellent pork chops w/ rice, and a few other tasty dishes.

din tai fung
(baldwin between 210 and 10 fwys, north of live oak, arcadia). dumplings made from scratch. very good, but long wait.

sanamluang cafe
(hollywood blvd east of western in hollywood, sherman way west of 170 fwy north hollywood, also one in claremont). authentic and varied thai menu.

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