Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Unfinished Business

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My life is riddled with the remains of my complacency
Half-finished works and unrealized potential
Strewn about like rusted junk on an unkempt lawn
Overgrown with laziness and apathy

Countless times have I heard praise
Fade to hushed disappointment
Millions of possibilities and lofty expectations
Lay rotting from neglect

At once full of promise
But doomed to fail from the start
Like a story retold to each passing generation
With the same fizzled ending

A waking dream of what could be
Stillborn by the morphine of unproved arrogance
Desire and discipline dim before they roar
Extinguished by bottomless lethargy

And that is the difference
Between a worthwhile legacy
And a paper-thin fa├žade of accomplishment
Carefully draped over an unfulfilled life

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Blogger rick james said...


you gotz skillz man!

i think a lotta people write stuff on their blogs, but its not really interesting stuff... you seem to have a knack for finding things that are interesting..

what are you currently writing?

9:00 AM  
Blogger jackt said...

mr cheese fries: thanks! sometimes it's hard to think up interesting topics, and even harder to keep my long winded nature in check!!! =)

9:22 AM  
Blogger rick james said...


you might like this blog

and her other one immaeatchu

yoony is pretty hilarious

9:22 AM  

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