Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Moved to

Jack's SuckyBlog has moved to

Please visit there from now on. All of the posts and comments from this site have also been ported over. I pay money to host the new site. It's much better and worth all the trouble. Really. Seriously. I mean it! No, no, no, I shouldn't have just stayed on Blogger. And now I can't because I just dropped a hundred non-refundable bucks to host it elsewhere. That's like 100 orders of 6-piece Chicken McNuggets (if you buy them all on Thursdays). Ok enough of this complaining to myself (what is the sound of one man complaining and nobody listening? If nobody heard it, did he complain at all?).

***Please also note that the RSS Feed has changed. You can find the new RSS link on the right sidebar at the new site.

***If you have me added to your blogroll, please change the link to point to the new web address. Much thanks in advance.

See you all on the new site!



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